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Residence for Deb and Khadga Shamsher

From: C L S Russel, Esq., ICS, Under Secy to the Govt of India, Foreign Dept.
To: The Hon’ble Mr. J P Hewwtt, CSI, CIE, Officiating Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces; The Hon’ble Mr. G S Forbes, Acting Chief Secy to the Govt of MadrasKhadga Shumsher and his wife

I am directed enclose herewith, for your information/the information of His Excellency the Governor, a brief account of Deb Shamsher and Khadga (or Kharag) Shamsher, who are suspected of having recently been engaged in conspiracies against their brother Maharaja Chandra Shamsher, the Prime Minister of Nepal. (more…)

Great Kolkata Scholar interviewed

If you exclude Nobel laureates, India’s most major intellectual export to the West is arguably Partha Chatterjee. Many would say there is no need to exclude the Nobel laureates when maintaining this proposition. Kolkata rejoices in the fact that Partha Chatterjee prefers to remain very much a part-time export: he only spends about 3-4 months being professor at Columbia; the rest of the time he is mainly to be found in dhoti-kurta within his natural habitat. His devotion to Kolkata and his self-location within the city are evident from his speech at the Fukuoka Prize of 2009 ceremony in Japan, during which he speaks partly in Bengali to praise Kolkata as the city which made his kind of scholar possible. It’s worth experiencing the integrity and dignity of his address at this link.

Two incidental details in connection with the Fukuoka Prize: among scholars, this has only been won earlier by two Indians, Romila Thapar and Ashis Nandy (both ordinarily resident in New Delhi). It is awarded to scholars whose influence has been widely recognized as profound and monumental. Second, Partha Chatterjee had asked that the prize be bestowed on him at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, and the awarding body had agreed. Unfortunately, Chatterjee fell very seriously ill and had to be briefly hospitalized over the Kolkata dates, and the ceremony on the youtube video was held in Fukuoka, Japan.

Partha Chatterjee was instrumental in shifting Subaltern Studies from OUP to Permanent Black in 2000. He has, since, quietly and steadfastly supported Permanent Black, both via giving us his own books to publish, and by advising scholars and students to look seriously at Permanent Black. Most recently, Chatterjee was responsible for bringing to fruition the publication of Ranajit Guha’s collected English essays, The Small Voice of History (Permanent Black paperback).

This short interview with Partha Chatterjee reveals some facets of one of contemporary Bengal’s most reputed scholar-intellectuals, whose two new books, THE LINEAGES OF POLITICAL SOCIETY (see blog lower down) and THE BLACK HOLE OF EMPIRE, will be published by Permanent Black, Columbia University Press, and Princeton University Press. (more…)

के कोइराला परिवारले ‘रेणु’लाई सम्झेको छ?

श्रीमति लतिका रेणू (फणीश्वरनाथ रेणुकी श्रीमति)

श्रीमति लतिका रेणू (फणीश्वरनाथ रेणुकी श्रीमति)

कतिपय पुराना मान्छे भन्छन्, बीपी ‘बीपी’ बन्नमा ‘देवेन्द्र’, ‘फणीश्वर नाथ रेणु’ ‘भोला चटर्जी’को हात छ, त्यसो त यसै भनाईलाई ठीक उल्टो गरि पनि भन्न सकिएला र बीपीको योगदानका वारेमा चर्चा गर्न सकिएला। जे होस्, यहाँ चर्चा गर्न लागिएका पात्र हुन् “फणीश्वर नाथ रेणु” को हो। रेणु र बीपी दुई साथी, दाजुभाइ, क्रान्तिकारी, योद्धा र लेखक सबै थिए। पटनामा जन्मिएर नेपाली क्रान्तिका लागि अतुलनीय योगदान पुर्याएका रेणुलाई नेपालीहरूले त उहिल्यै विर्सीसके। कांग्रेसका तत्कालिन नेताहरूले पनि बिर्से नै होलान्। तर, कोइराला परिवारलाई परेको दु:ख-सुखमा हरदम साथ दिने रेणु र वहाँको परिवारका वारेमा के कोइराला परिवारको कुनै व्यक्तिले सोचेको, सम्झेको होला। फणीश्वर नाथ रेणु वितेको धेरै वर्ष भइसक्यो तर उनका पत्नि श्रीमती रेणुलाई कोइराला परिवारका कुनै सदस्यले कहिल्यै सम्झे, सम्झेनन् वा भेटे भेटेनन् थाहा छैन। आर्थिक वा अन्य सहयोगको लागि होइन तर के फणीश्वरनाथ रेणुजस्ता अग्रज लेखक र नेपाली क्रान्तिका वरिष्ट व्यक्तित्वकी पत्नि  लतिका रेणुलाई सम्झन जरूरी छैन? थोरै माया र सद्‌भाव देखाउन जरूरी छैन। यो कस्तो खालको वैगुनी परम्परा हो? के नेपालीहरू प्रति भारतीयहरूले देखाउने माया, सद्‌भाव र श्रद्धालाई यस्तै-यस्तै वैगुनका कारणले गर्दा असर परेको त छैन।

यहाँ हिन्दीमा लेखिएको लेख छ- लतिका रेणुका वारेमा। नेपालीमा अनुवाद गर्न नसकेकोमा क्षमा माग्दै हिन्दीभाषाको उक्त लेखलाई जस्ताको तस्तै राखिएको छ।


Indian Leaders should beware of me : BP Koirala

– BP. KOIRALA(Weekly “Sunday” Calcutta, June 24,1979.)

BP. KOIRALA, the once and possibly future Prime Minister of Nepal lives simply in typical Nepali house in Chabhill, Kathmandu. Two serious operations, the scars of which are prominent on the left side of his throat, have left his voice week and slightly tremulous but the spirit is still strong and the man retains the courage that has seen hip through the most cruel of years–imprisonment, mental torture, solitary confinement, banishment. But he looks happy now. At long last the democratic Nepal that he has fought for all his life seems to be on the horizon; the referendum ordered by King Birendra looks like the last stretch of a long climb. M.J. AKBAR interviewed “BP” (as he is affectionately known) in Kathmandu. (more…)