We are from Palpa but we want to maintain this site for all people who are directly or indirectly related with Lumbini. So, all are welcome. you can comment, suggest and write what you like to share and what you want to say. We need your help and support.

people who loves their native village, district, zone, and country.


Comments on: "About" (19)

  1. Thanks for more information about palpa kindly attention please get good information about palpa from this site http://www.palpa.8m.com Remarks this site is running to update.

    I hope all people of palpa are visiting this site
    Thanks & Regards of all.

  2. hi my from at palpa then now im from at the qatar and i want see my tansen palpa is very good place ok i want know also palpa im also al the palpa

  3. पाल्पालीहरु महान छन् ।

  4. Great blog! It has so many nice articles. Thank you for maintaining this blog.

  5. Ganga Dhakal said:

    Dear sir/mada,
    I am Ganga Dhakal,permanent resident of Siluwa-6 palpa and now in USA. I want to send some poems on this site. Can you please suggest me what I need to do.
    Looking forward,
    Ganga Dhakal

  6. Thank you the moderators !!! I am from Gulmi, later from Butwal. Now i am living in Vienna, Austria.

    Wish you best of luck. Take care. God bless.

    • iam from palpa,i listen news for unrespected great things,about alone rani ghat, loosing education,unrespected stars and great people and leaving this town.so we need again do that work,how can make thistown beutiful and famous?need to take this problem are siriusly by responce party and all palpali local.so we will promiss and we will show better then now,__wake up pakpali local………..

  7. amrit regmi said:

    i am a amrit regmi now i am in denmark i wann to submit some my production over here plz give me a regard infirmation .

  8. hi we are palpali we must make our village namuna bye bye bye

  9. yogendra khadka said:

    hi namasker i am yogendra khadka (tansen13)now qatar i want all village photo & some poems in this site.
    i looking forward
    yogendra khadka

  10. Deepak gautam said:

    please send me the history and introduction of madan pokhara.

  11. Mamta ale mgr said:

    Ganga d.namaste.it’s me mamata ale from siluwa-1,koksendi.bt nw palpa tansen.how r u?hajurko name poem dekhera khusi lagyo.take care,god bless,bye

  12. min thadali said:

    hi i am from palpa siluwa wad no 1 romandi my name is min thadali i have my pvt home and many place in they are now i am in mumbai i love my palpa siluwa thank you i am so happy to see the gogal surch

  13. hi mamata how are you iam from same place of you ? Now i am in mumbai thank you i am so happy to see your comment thank you

  14. dear sir/ madam

    dear sir i am so happy to see the pictures thank you for the add the pictures
    but hwy your no.t gone to add the hattilek pictures ?

    and more if is possible to add ? please add thank you


    min thadali
    from mumbai

  15. Targeting Nepal Tourism Year 2011, the website http://www.visittansen.com is launched to promote Tansen, its surrounding areas and their products. Your valuable suggestion is highly appreciated to make it more informative.

  16. hi! myself is mr. janak pangeni from siluwa two taltung palpa.but now i am at near of darjeeling india. i want to send a creation of me. how can i submit that plz, kindly told me about it.

  17. i want to submit my creation.kindly reply me about it

  18. Hi i’am from palpa siluwa 1 koksendi my name is dhan bahadur darlami i have my ltd home and many place in they are now i’am in mumbai i love my palpa siluwa thank you i’am so happy to see tha google search

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