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A letter to Jawaharlal from Nepali PM M.P. Koirala

8th May, 52.


My dear Jawaharlal Ji,

I received your letter No. 5744-P.M. dated April 25, 1952, in which you have mentioned on foreign contacts of the Nepal Government with special reference to the U.S.A Government. I felt that there has been some misunderstanding in the matter.

When I was in Delhi in the first week of January last Mr. Chester Bowles referred in his talks to the request made by us to the Govt. of India for financial and technical help and that he too would try to the Govt. of India for financial and technical help and that he too would try to extend Point 4 Aid if it would be possible. Bedsides, he said that a certain American expert employed by the Govt. Of India for urban community planning would like to visit Kathmandu during his summer vacation and by the way give his advices to us if we so desired. Some of my colleagues were in Delhi in the last week of April to discuss the matter of help with the Govt. of India. Some members of the American Embassy saw them and tried to discuss the development projects so that they could plead for extension of the Point 4 Aid. As our plans and projects were being discuss with the Govt. of India my colleagues naturally told them that Govt. of India had accepted to examine our projects and help us. This is so far as the American aid is concerned. Mr. Goodal is here. He has seen me and said that he would send some manual of the American system of administrative reorganisation to us. He is not advising us in matters of reorganisation of administration in the strict sence of the term nor have we ever desired that both Indian team and American expert should help us in the reorganisation. There should have been no reason for any misunderstanding. (more…)