Kathmandu valley in grayscale

One of the most beautiful place around Kathmandu, a green bifurcate hill standing up to 2250 m, the third highest hill surrounding the magical Kathmandu Valley, rich vegetation, rich fauna, a small peace of paradise; I think these words alone are not enough to describe Chandragiri hill. Historically also, this place is much renowned as the place from where Prithvi Narayan Shah first saw Kathmandu and grow the ‘greed’ to rule the valley one day (greed is only my personal opinion and it has nothing to do with any political movement and thought).
Chandragiri had great impression on me from my schooling days when I was in Tribhuvan University as a graduate student doing M. Sc. in botany. It is a very bitter truth that only few botanists have interest to visit forest. More than five times I have climbed this hill and every time I find it unique, mysterious and more beautiful.

Magical color of beetles

Every alternate Saturday we (I and one of my friends who is also a Scientific officer in Department of Plant resource) travel to different hills around Kathmandu and outside Kathmandu not only to enrich our knowledge but also for the peace of mind. And Chandrigiri is one of the places where we really get peace of mind.

Amazing twigs with black leaves

There are three ways to reach to the summit of Chandragiri. One way from Bhatkeko Pati, another from Champadi Pau and another are from Chalnakhel via Hattiban Resort. This time we choosed our way from Bhatkeko Pati. After managing our vehicle at one of our friend’s house, we took few bottles of beer, some fast food to eat, enough water and took our way.

Barbaris, wild fruit

Before we reached the jungle, we had to take our way through the farm-land which was fully covered with marijuana. But that marijuana was not cultivated nor the people there were interested to harvest and sell them. They were there from the time they first appeared on earth and are growing luxuriously there and the law of and are unaware the fact that the law of government of Nepal has not permitted their survival. And the fools who write their fate don’t know that it is the God almighty who has given them the place to survive not the Government of Nepal.

Natures art on magical arums which are extremely poisonous carrying medicinal properties. Some of them look like cobra that’s why they have got the names ‘Sharpako Makai’ in Nepali.

One the way we filled our water bottle and started our journey. The area was a little bit crowded due to the Mela of Mache Narayan but the crowled left us as we entered in the jungle and there were the small bushed of Xanthoxylum  to welcome us. We collected some Xanthoxylum for our house also and they give great aroma in fresh condition before drying. After the some bushy area, the vegetation is rich and the land formation is too steep in some places more than 77. This time the goddess of forest was too kind to us and we saw the flowering of many plants, which we had not seen in our last visits, especially the arums.

Mysterious and less encountered black mushrooms must be poisonous.

I think very few people are interested to go there. On the way we meet few pilgrimages who were going to Champadevi on the top of Chandragiri and to our surprise, none of them had visited that place before and they were all above 40 and ironically they were the local inhabitants of Kathmandu.

Pilgrimase returning from the Champadevi

It will be worthy for me if even a single visitor plan to climb chandragiri some day looking at some of these photographs.

Nillea the close relative of Wild berry (Aainselu) with edible fruits)

I would also like to remind some of the accessories to be taken with which include enough water for one day hike, enough food, leech repellant or common salt to kill the leech, good pair of hiking shoes and that all.

Dichroa febrifuga (medicinal plant with febrifugal property) commonly called Bhasak in Shanskrit.


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  1. nice post sajan,

    could you please copy me what were the words said by Prithvi Narayan at chandragiri?


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